Archive November 2017

First Transnational Meeting in Italy.

The First transnational Meeting of the Project took place in Reggio Emilia from 7th to 11th November 2017. Coordinators from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Estonia participated in this meeting. Ntina Papalouka (coordinator of the program in Greece) and Kyrkou Aggeliki (teacher of French) were our school’s representatives in Italy. In those three days teachers

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The Greek Logo contest.

Every Project must have an official logo created by students . All partners organized a Logo Contest in their schools. In our school students participated in this contest with immense enthusiasm. We received many many beautiful logos from students of all ages and levels. Some of them created more than one!!! Every logo was really

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Creation, decoration and learning.

In this Erasmus+ project our partners are from Estonia, Italy, Portugal and Spain!!! We are really excited about this!! So many new friends!!But… how much do we know about their countries? How about learning about our partner’s countries? How about doing this while enjoying ourselves? Our students from all grades used their imagination, their talents

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