The pupils of the fifth class visited Dora’s Stratou open theater which is under the shadow of the Acropolis . They watched the comedy “Ploutos” written by Aristofanis , one of our ancient playwrights.


Pupils who visited Estonia talk about what else???? Viru Bog, their most impressive natural sight.


The pupils of the second class visited a big park where they explored,they learned about animals and plants that live in. They discovered  the beauty of this unique ecosystem , which is less than an hour from their houses!!!!


The day before the end of our school life in the Primary School, the sudents of the sixth class are celebrating and having fun from early morning till late at night!!!!!! The last day they become soaked throwing water to each other!!!!
Happy Summer!!!


Three teachers and four students traveled from Athens to Tallin.
They took part in the second mobility of the Project!!!
What a great experience!!!
Full of Estonian culture, Estonian education, daily life, theatre, communication, hapiness!!!






The students of the first grade visited the Museum of School Life and Education on the 27th of April.They saw how the Primary School was before many years.How the students used to dressed and what kind of school materials they were using.They also took a seat on the old desks and learned how strict the School Program was by playing the role of the students in those days!!!!!


The students of the second grade are watching the live streaming of the theatrical play “Tapestry 2” performed by Euroknitters in Tallin.

Hello dear friends! We are the little ones of our school. We are the students of the

 1st Grade ! Today we are travelling to your country through our drawings.
We are playing with your cute dolls, we are walking around the city of Tallin…
What a beautiful city ! We close our eyes…. and … we are there with you!
We are happy you are our friends!!!

The students of the 5th grade learned to introduce themselves in Estonian. They also learned how to say “hi” in Estonian!

EUROKNITTERS 2017-1-ES01-KA219-038333